Adding a deck increases the value of your home

Outdoor living spaces have become more desirable, especially since more people stay home for vacation. If you make your deck and your backyard more appealing, your house will be more appealing to prospective buyers when you decide to sell.

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Let True Home Exteriors be your Deck Experts.

Highly Rated and Trusted Advisor

Rated A+ with the BBB and a Trusted Pro at HomeAdvisor, True Home Exteriors continues to exceed homeowner’s expectations and earn 5 star reviews.  With a dedicated staff and trusted name, we want to be your logical choice for Decks.

A Solution For all your Decking Needs

We specialize in building a deck that meets all of your needs, from new construction to additions and renovations of your current deck. We also offer patio decks to expand your back yard patio into a deck area with options of raised sections, custom railings and benches. Our decks meet all building code regulations to ensure your safety and needs are met.

Style, Quality and Warranty

A deck can be the perfect place to spend time enjoying the weather with friends and family. A well-built and maintained deck offers a safe haven for outdoor living but all decks are not built equally! When hiring a deck builder, there is more to consider than just price… Reasons for a deck collapsing can range from age of the deck, poor maintenance and exceeding load capacity to improper building methods. Deck failures can be avoided. It’s a matter of being aware of the necessity of choosing a professional deck contractor, regular maintenance and inspection, and knowing the limits of the deck structure.
With True Home Exteriors you get superior service and materials along with quality craftsmanship. We are a licensed specialty contractor in the state of Illionois and are properly bonded as required by the state.

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Here at True Home Exteriors, we understand how important the beauty of the outside of your home is to you. That’s why – no matter which project we help you with – we guide and assist you every step of the way to ensure that you get the exact look that you want from your new exterior.
Often, because you are the one that has to look it at it day in and day out, the interior of your home can be more important than the exterior; and how it looks can be the basis of the pride in your home. Ask True Home Exteriors about how there can improve your home's interior.
Storm Damage
With winds that can send a tree into your living room, hail that can cause extreme roof damage, and rain that will turn your front yard into a lake, how can you rest easy? Trust in True Home Exteriors. We have the skills and expertise to repair the exterior Storm Damage and make your home... like new.
  • I would like to highly recommend True Home Exteriors, of Crystal Lake, IL, if you need any type of exterior work done to your home. I had hail damage and they replaced my roof, futters and awnings. I was so pleased with them and their work that I also had some windows replaced.
  • It certainly has been a blessing in disguise. All workers involved did an excellent job. Thanks to True Home Exteriors and Country insurance.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on my roof. You were very professional. Next time I need some more work done on my home, I know I can count on you and your company to do a GREAT job!
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