The soffit section is below the eaves, running from the edge of the roof to the wall of the house. The fascia is the visible section along the edge of the roof, hiding the soffit. From repairing damage to your soffit, or to improve the ventilation around your roof. We can Install new, or repair the siding on your home.

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Soffit / facia

Soffits and fascias combine function and design to integrate the eaves, siding and roofing

Siding your home to protect it against the elements involves more than just the walls themselves. The eaves where the roof extends out past the walls need to be covered, as well. The soffit section is below the eaves, running from the edge of the roof to the wall of the house. The fascia is the visible section along the edge of the roof, hiding the soffit. You can choose among a variety of styles and types, or you can create your own soffit and fascia combination.

Matching Siding

The easiest choice, and the one most people go with, is to simply use whatever soffit and fascia material is recommended by the same manufacturer that created your home siding. This way, you have a matching material that keeps the continuity of the siding. Some siding manufacturers have several different fascia styles to choose from, as well as soffits that run lengthwise and width-wise based upon the dimensions of your home.

Corner Wraps and Trim

When ordering material to finish your roof area, you need to consider factors in addition to the square footage required for the soffits and fascias. Most soffits need to have a channel wrap at the outside corner where they meet the roof edge, as well as the inside corner where the eave meets the edge of the home. You’ll need to measure the linear feet for these and order according to what the manufacturer has available, with a small 5 to 10 percent extra for cushion. Also check for corner caps that help tie the installation together at the outside corners of the soffit where the two edges of the roof meet.

Custom Choices

You don’t have to conform to manufactured material for your soffits and fascias. You can use wood, and choose to run planks or sheets using new material or reclaimed lumber. Sheet metal is another choice if you want an old-fashioned or rustic look. Also consider options such as painting the fascia board with patterns, or cutting the wood or material down into specific shapes and patterns.

Material Considerations

Although vinyl siding is one of the most affordable and easiest materials to install and it likely won’t fade in color over time, it is also the least durable. Sheet metal may be more durable but it can rust, and not everyone likes the aged and old-fashioned look. Wood is an excellent option for creativity but it must be sealed. It will eventually lose color no matter how many protective coatings you apply. This means wood has to be restained and finished multiple times over the life of the material.


Here at True Home Exteriors, we understand how important the beauty of the outside of your home is to you. That’s why – no matter which project we help you with – we guide and assist you every step of the way to ensure that you get the exact look that you want from your new exterior.
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Storm Damage
With winds that can send a tree into your living room, hail that can cause extreme roof damage, and rain that will turn your front yard into a lake, how can you rest easy? Trust in True Home Exteriors. We have the skills and expertise to repair the exterior Storm Damage and make your home... like new.
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